Green Technology

With so much out there, and so many devices, what can you actually do to start making your home smarter? Which devices are actually useful and which are overcomplicated or faddy? To try and help, here are five easy ways to start building your smart home:
This means doing our part, at work and home, and businesses must set a good example for staff. Policies that focus on streamlining a complex, even obfuscated, waste industry, and focus on innovation as well as cost-savings, are sure to push Britain's position as a leader in environmental issues up on the global agenda.
tech for good To name just a few, solar power whose efficiency increases year by year; and the technological advances in battery technology which, combined with technological advances in electric vehicles, have propelled them to such a level deemed unimaginable ten years ago
Pic Credit: Author's own We spent a lot of our time in the DS Virgin Racing pits, which felt like being on the film set of
Lithium, a very soft silver white metal belonging to the alkali group of metals which carries the atomic number 3 is about to become one of the most sought after substances on earth, if it hasn't already!
Over the past three decades annual climate talks under the United Nations banner have become part of the Zeitgeist of a large movement. They draw government officials, think tanks, civil society, journalists and the occasional hipsters into negotiations over which ride trillions of dollars and our future well-being on Earth.
It's clear global warming is here, so the time has come for consumers to contribute to change, rather than assuming it's the job of multi-national corporations to bear the burden. With this in mind, below are my tips to help you become greener...
Advantages of a global carbon cap and trade system include the great flexibility with which it allows countries to meet their cap. Global ratification will ensure there is no "leakage" of emissions to countries not party to the agreement. However, the scope of these regulatory instruments is still limited in practice.
Today is officially World Oceans Day - a day set aside by the UN to 'appreciate, protect and restore our oceans and their
The first manned hoverbike, Flike has taken flight in an airfield in Hungary and it could be changing the way we commute