greenhouse gases

Newcastle United has declared itself to be the world's first "carbon positive" football club after cracking down on its emissions
Greenhouse gas emissions are on track to be far above the levels needed by 2020 to limit global temperature rises to 2C, experts
Sea ice in the Arctic has melted to below four-million square kilometres, the lowest it has been for a million years, according
Climate change may increase the number of heat-related deaths in the UK by 540%, health experts predict. By 2080 almost 11,000
As icebergs go, this is a whopper. A 46 square-mile (120 square km) chunk of ice broke away from Greenland’s Petermann Glacier
Europe and India have brokered an agreement to push ahead with a road map for a new climate treaty. The latest round of United
United Nations climate talks are deadlocked after Europe said it could not accept a "watered down" road map to a new treaty
The latest United Nations talks aimed at tackling climate change are entering the end game today, with hopes that countries
Carbon emissions have nearly doubled in the past 20 years, according to figures published by researchers at the University
Hundreds of climate change protesters have marched on the Houses of Parliament calling for the world's rich countries to