Greg Dyke

The job of chairman of the BBC Trust is up for grabs. On paper it looks like a dream job. Not too taxing; perks of being a civil servant; good pay; great working environment; interesting, high-profile, semi-altruistic organisation. However, unless you've been living on Mars for the last 15 years, you'll know that this is, in fact, the job from hell.
Sir Alex Ferguson returned to SW19 for his annual trip to the Wimbledon Royal Box on day eight of the Championships. The
It's a radical idea I know, but how about next time we send the England football team to a tournament we try to win? And by that I mean why don't we treat our national sport like a business, and give ourselves half a chance of realising our undoubted potential?
Jeff Astle's widow claims the Football Association "don't care" about examining footballers' head injuries. Astle, who is
The big boss has been quoted as complaining that the English game is too conservative, and requires a radical approach in order to shake it up - and, in some ways, he should be applauded for adopting such a brave attitude. But, having studied the details of his proposal, I really believe that he is backing the wrong horse in this case.
The Premier League is the greatest league in the world. We hear it all the time and considering the calibre of the players, money spent by the teams and the unpredictability of the matches, it is easy to agree. However, this reputation could well be damaged or even destroyed, following Greg Dyke's new target set regarding English players.
The pressure on Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore over sexist emails has intensified after Football Association
Dyke revealed the commissions reform proposals at Wembley on Thursday The most controversial proposal, though, would be establishing
The BBC has been attacked for spending thousands of pounds of public money on "vanity" paintings of their ex-director generals
The end of the January transfer window is now in sight. As we approach the final straight, players and clubs the world over are gearing up for a full throttle, frantic finish - but, ultimately, it is the football agents and advisers who are in the driving seat. They are currently enjoying an ever-increasing amount of influence and power - and in my opinion, that is a development which must be curtailed, for the good of the game.
The January sales are a long-standing British tradition - and football clubs across the country will have their shopping trolleys at the ready, as they enter the second half of their respective campaigns.
As the festive period draws to a close, at a time when age old traditions and habits are both embraced and encouraged, it was once again business as usual at football clubs across the country...
The BBC is forking out £150,000 a year on one of Tony Blair’s former spin chiefs to help rebuild its reputation in the wake
While the issue of a lack of diversity has reared its ugly head and talk of tokenism amidst Rio Ferdinand's recent inclusion have been high on the media's agenda following the announcement of Greg Dyke's FA Commission, another factor simply buried its head deeper into the sand.
Is it just me, or does this time feel different? Obviously, we are all excited at the prospect of England, OUR team, joining the elites of international football in Brazil next year. However, unlike before - this time feels... subdued.
Tony Blair has been called "a shady figure" and a "very sad man" by former BBC director-general Greg Dyke. In an explosive
Win the World Cup in 2022? Is that it? Really? One refereeing decision, a couple of injuries or a Qatari version of Delhi belly can put paid to that in mins! Okay - there was a little bit more than that to it, but Greg Dyke's solution over simplified the matter at hand for me. English football is struggling because...
Buckingham Palace's garden staged a historic match between Polytechnic FC and Civil Service FC as part of the Football Association's
The British Library has announced the 1863 FA Minute Book, valued at £2.5 million, forms the centrepiece of its first ever
The 2022 World Cup in Qatar must inevitably be held in the winter, the new chairman of the FA has said. Greg Dyke, only two