At the League Against Cruel Sports, our key focus means that we know a lot about what goes on in the world of animal 'sport', much of it unsavoury, much of it hidden. Our own election manifesto therefore focuses on five issues that are key to reducing the suffering of animals, and we believe that many voters will share our concerns.
Alice in Wooferland is a retired racing Greyhound. Her career was cut short and like so many Greyhounds globally, she was discarded. But Alice was one of the fortunate ones. She was rescued, unlike many more that are killed.
Here's some not-news: Greyhound racing is on the decline. Holy grail of the south, Walthamstow Stadium, was shut down in 2008 and there is now only a handful of tracks left in the country. London's remaining bastion is Wimbledon; dog racing has been held on this site since 1928, and against the odds these are still happening weekly.
If, like us, you sorely miss the John Smith's terrier, then you'll love the video above. For it shows Domino, an Italian
British people can be strangely schizophrenic when it comes to animal welfare issues. The other day I was listening to a friend arguing about the evils of the Spanish bullfighting industry. While I do share her concerns, I cannot fully support her passionate stand against a foreign issue while her own country perpetuates its own method of animal cruelty.