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Like Corbyn, grime was once a pariah, an unassuming underdog that has risen from the ashes to unlikely mass appeal. Grime was dismissed by the music business as too niche, too grassroots and unrefined. The smear campaign that Corbyn was subjected to during the election campaign by the mainstream press reminds us early grime fans of how "our scene" was dismissed by mainstream radio stations, TV channels and record labels. Grime was even dismissed by its own forbears with house and garage acts dismissing it as a worthy successor; Corbyn was made to prove his worth to the Labour Party in two leadership elections
The transfer of Paul Pogba - the world's most expensive player - was announced to the world by grime superstar Stormzy in a social media video made by Adidas rather than by more traditional 'scarf and shirt' photos in the press.
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Top Boy is a film that documents Skepta's American tour. It's a fly on the wall roller-coaster ride from Queens to Washington DC, to Boston, Brooklyn and Toronto, where the BBK crew on a smoky testosterone-heavy tour bus, are all smoking weed, drinking Henney and making money rain.
Sam Smith may have received mixed reviews on the release of his new James Bond track, ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’, but he
My first recollections of the grime scene are around 18 years ago, in 1997, when acts like Wiley used to jump on the mic mc'ing on jungle tracks, on pirate radio. He then set up a music click called Pay as U Go Cartel. A few years later in 2001, Pay as U Go released a single called Champagne Dance that had the capitals urban nightclubs jumping.