Resilience training can help by educating you about the relationship between the decisions you're making and your mental health, empowering you to make the choices that are right for you.
Listening to people's stories cements a business together. They give hope. Telling stories flows over into business decisions. That's the ultimate end goal.
There's been a fair bit of talk recently about resilience - and how our children somehow lack it. Your own children might even have been taught about it in school and perhaps even had special 'resilience days'.
As any parent knows, nothing is more important or more challenging than helping children grow into good, kind and responsible young people. Yet this essential task of character development is full of paradoxes.
Grow. Grow until you are dead. After years of combing through thousands of studies and speaking to countless individuals, I see the practice of continual growth as being much more fruitful than the pursuit of happiness.
Reviews for 'The Property Known As Garland' are coming in, and they are so great. 5 stars, 4 stars, and they say wonderful things like "crystal clear performance," "tour de force", "ferocious energy and considerable presence."
We are just one day away from the start of the Test series in England. The speed with which a new series arrives at us can leave even the diehard Cricket fans fatigued. Too much happening, too much to catch up, and too much to remember all the time.