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Direct-to-Consumer models such as meal kits, which enable people to cook without having to visit the supermarket and perpetuate the food waste generated through its model, are not only creating convenient and healthy cooking habits, but also helping to make the food industry sustainable. By changing the way we approach our food shopping we can make big changes to the effect our food industry has on the environment. The changes must come from each and every one of us.
Supermarket chain Morrisons has reportedly experienced a poor Christmas sales period, according to a prediction from a well
When is a Tayto not a Tayto? According to the English and Wales trade mark registers, it’s when it comes from Ireland. Tayto
There are 400,000 people who recommend their favourite supermarket to 25 people every month in the UK, a small but powerful group we're calling 'Grocery Groupies'.
Under-pressure grocer Tesco posted another UK sales decline on Monday but said its performance has been robust as it battles
Sainsbury's has reported better-than-expected sales during the festive season, with customers making a record 26m purchases
Tesco saw sales trimmed and Sainsbury’s reported weaker growth on Wednesday as UK consumers cut back on spending in the face