Groucho Club

His naughtiness was part Carry On, part Kray, part Pantomime dame and always classic raconteur. He shone bright and now a great light has gone out.  I already missed Bernie after he left The Groucho. Whilst Soho's heart would appear to be temporarily lost, it hurts that with Bernie, it is a cast iron goodbye that I and many others will be coming to terms with for a long time.
As The Groucho’s front of house manager, Bernie was charged with accommodating the venue’s many famous guests and was even
People nowadays think of gamebooks as rather old hat - and, after all, it was twenty years ago. In their heyday, though, they were a phenomenon, selling upwards of a hundred thousand units per title. And it's not as old hat as you might think.
It seems hardly possible that closing parties are already upon us. Ibiza summers seem to fly by like videos on fast forward. Barely have we had time to dust down our swimmers, check we still know where all the hot spots are, and pack our best clubbing gear, before it's time to look back on the Summer and wonder how long til the next time (approximately 248 sun deprived days!).
I'm not someone who should be allowed out alongside celebrities. To illustrate this I'll tell you of the time I attended
Winner of the 2010 Man Booker prize for The Finkler Question, Howard Jacobson is a writer unafraid to sound the alarm for our moribund culture. Jason Holmes met up with him at the Groucho Club in Soho