'Investment in Africa is not country-based, at least not when it comes to the international press, and sometimes investors.'
After a good start, there are seven key areas our new president should focus on moving forward to make headway with SA's economy.
To remove tourism's contribution to the economy would jeopardise an entire country's hopes of growing the GDP.
Lastly, I'd like to thank every single person involved in this project, including Dr Asma Khalil and her team at St George's
It's no secret that, in the 21st century, we take a lot for granted. We've come to rely on technologies and services that even a decade ago didn't exist. Smartphones and internet-based apps are obvious examples here, but I want to draw your attention to another service that is often less considered.
The OECD says South Africa needs at least 2 percent economic growth to start tackling unemployment.
Growth AND transformation: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
There is much discussion about environments these days: how to preserve our environment and exposure to the damage that thoughtless human activity is causing. 'Environment' refers to the surrounding in which we live. Babies' environments are the relationships they have with those who care for them.
After months of the constant cry for Theresa May to lay out her Brexit strategy, in the past two weeks we have heard more. Unsurprisingly I don't feel any more in the know! I didn't expect to be - revealing your negotiating position is a bit like playing poker with your cards laid out in front of you.
Perhaps, jealousy is not as much about nursing ill feelings for your perception of someone else's "easier gains" than it is a message from you, to you.