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Great news! Grand Theft Auto 5 is almost out… again. The PC version of the classic mayhem simulator -- the third major release
Now it's fair to say that GTA V videos have probably been done to death, or at least we'd thought so until Rockstar released
GTA V on Xbox One and PS4 is a great number of things, the most obvious of which is beautiful In fact the world that Rockstar
Like clockwork, there's another Grand Theft Auto outrage brewing. Why? Because this time it's in first-person. Yes, GTA 5
GTA 5 is out - again - this time on PS4 and Xbox One. And if reports are to be believed, it's set to become the biggest selling
Grand Theft Auto 5 is back, after just a year on PS3 and Xbox 360 Rockstar have managed to give the game a stunning new makeover
Christmas is nearly upon us and while last year saw the launch of two new consoles, the PS4 and the Xbox One, this is the
GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One is now just a few days away from its UK release date and yet even now Rockstar are still managing
Rockstar has unveiled in a shock announcement that GTA V on Xbox One and PS4 will let you play in first person, letting you
The publishers of blockbuster game GTA V, have claimed that Lindsay Lohan is suing them purely for the 'publicity'. READ