guido fawkes

Yesterday, I got Guido'd. Like having your photo posted on Redwatch or in the Daily Mail, this is something anyone politically active on the left may have to deal with at some point. Of course, being a young woman, the attack takes on a specific character...
A recruitment firm has sparked heated debate online after it placed adverts on both the Sun and Guardian websites, which
Claire Perry, the Tory MP who led the high-profile campaign to launch a "porn filter" to block adult content from UK browsers
In 2006 Richard Dawkins wrote what might yet prove to be one of the most important books of the 21st Century, The God Delusion. However, seven years on and Dawkins appears to have become unnecessarily divisive and detached.
Sally Bercow appears to be slightly annoyed at reports that her column in the Daily Star Sunday has been shelved. The controversial
Baroness Tonge should be ejected from the Liberal Democrats for these remarks yet, whilst student societies and university authorities refuse to balance events on subjects as emotive as this, we will continue to see such stories.
It's been a tough political week for some whilst others seem to have relished in the pressure, basked in the misfortune of
Sunday Mirror editor Tina Weaver personally authorised hacking and blagging, political blogger Paul Staines told the inquiry
Alastair Campbell will give evidence at the press standards inquiry - although his evidence has already been leaked to a
Guido Fawkes has been summoned to appear in front of the Leveson inquiry. The news came after the political blogger, also