Guild Hall

The recognition of GuardSquare at the event proves that the smart people are aware of the growing threat through apps and handsets. Perhaps it's time mobile cybersecurity is taken as seriously as any existing channel.
The United Nations brings everyone to the table, and asks the world's representatives to go beyond personal, sectarian and nationalistic concerns to realize the greater good. If we are not vocal, affirmative and practical in our support of this institution, then as Sir Jeremy Greenstock said, "we are not looking after our world or our children's world". A stronger UN has to mean a better world.
The Duke of Cambridge has been practising his dance moves ahead of their visit to the Solomon Islands, the Duchess revealed
Access to drama training cannot become the preserve of the privileged few. Our most prestigious drama schools will be among the third of UK universities who will, from 2012, be charging the maximum yearly tuition fee allowed by the government. An equilibrium must be maintained where talent, not worth, is the primary means test.
The Ronald Reagan Centennial Banquet on Monday night at Guild Hall was a glorious celebration. And yet, for this American, there was one glaring problem. It seemed so small, so wrong, so characteristic of the Obama Administration.