guinea pigs

The Autumn chill is truly upon us, which only means a few things - everyone is grumpy, it's nearly Christmas, and Starbucks
This is only 12 seconds long. But if you have the same reaction as us, you may just laugh out loud. (Via Tastefully Offensive
A sex-mad guinea pig broke out of its enclosure at an animal sanctuary and mated with 100 females – leaving them all pregnant
It's one guinea pig. It's one full bag of popcorn. It's short, but oh-so-sweet. Or possibly salted. (Via Daily Picks And
And your delightfully silly thing of the day is... this! You're welcome. (Via The Poke)
In which guinea pig brothers Nimbus (left) and Cirrus (right) indulge in a little sibling rivalry.(Via Tastefully Offensive
From sharpening pencils... To making stew... There's nothing this Redditor's pet guinea pig can't do. Pretty much. Check
A tip of the hat to both our American cousins at Huffington Post Weird News and those at msnNOW for alerting us to the most
She may not be grinning like our rescued hedgehog, but this little guinea pig is no doubt relieved to be in safe hands. For
It was, as many are saying, a "not bad" Brit Awards ceremony this year. But the highlight was surely One Direction massacring