Guitar Hero

Each festival stage has been painstakingly thought out and recreated using live action and CGI. The results are visually
That's right, twice, because of course a crowd isn't going to love you if you're terrible. So when you're in-game, the crowd
That might seem a bit harsh, especially considering the warm reception both games have gotten since their reveals. But I can't see this second wind of plastic instruments lasting. Personally, I'm done with the genre.
The innovations are in fact numerous, to the point that one can speak one a true reinvention of the original game for this new opus called Guitar Hero Live.
Remember Guitar Hero? It was the game that took over living rooms for almost five years while we rocked, failed to rock and
From about 2005 until 2010 the western world was blighted by the arrival of video games which ostensibly simulated playing
A man from Glasgow has built himself a NES Keytar, he's then decided that the only logical next step was to play an awesome
A man accused of beating his heavily pregnant ex-fiancee and their unborn baby to death has described how he became addicted
'Rocksmith' (XBOX 360/PS3/PC) looks and sounds exactly like those plastic guitar-mashing rhythm games ('Guitar Hero', 'Rockband
A lot of people really loved, and still love Guitar Hero, and for those people who would like to take their guitar playing to the next level, or rather learn how to play the guitar for real, then Rocksmith is certainly something that could help with that.