gun control laws

When I'm choosing which desk to sit at in our small newsroom office in Los Angeles, I position myself so I can see the door. We now carefully ensure it is always locked and everyone has to buzz for secure entry - even though we are situated behind metal gates in a quiet street near a beach in near paradise. We hot-seat so always sit somewhere different - and so each and every time I check to see where the exits are and plan my exit from that particular work station.
Greater awareness of the link between delusional fixations on public figures and subsequent attacks could aid prevention and encourage earlier intervention in people who, irrespective of whether they eventually attack, have delusional preoccupations which ruin their lives.
A drunken gunman has reportedly opened fire in a village in Switzerland, killing three people and injuring two others, according
A gun enthusiast has managed to 'print' a weapon at home and successfully fire it for the first time. The man wrote in a