Gupta leaks

A Gupta-linked company reportedly helped a Chinese company to get a massive Transnet contract.
"This is the time where we must take a stand, to end wrongdoing, to punish those responsible."
The #GuptaLeaks affair in South Africa lifted the lid on unacceptable PR activities on behalf of a high-risk client.
There's a growing chasm between the finance minister and his team -- meanwhile, the economy is in dire straits.
"My silence does not mean no work is being done."
It all allegedly links back to suspended Eskom CFO Anoj Singh.
But the fight isn't over as Bell Pottinger's 'ugly stepchildren' are still at play, says the veteran spin doctor.
'There is nothing untoward about my relationship with the Guptas' -- Duduzane Zuma.
Reports say the trade body is considering taking further action against Bell Pottinger.
A report alleges the man who purchased the Gupta's mining assets has fronted for the Gupta family before.