Gupta leaks

Parliament's hearing starting Tuesday is one of four set up to investigate state capture -- and that's besides all the other probes.
She said the president should face disciplinary action -- but refused to say how she would vote on August 8.
The Black First Land First leader reportedly took instructions from the Gupta's spin machinery.
Evidence from the Gupta emails appears to suggest that the Gupta family are avoiding taxes.
The Guptas say they had nothing to do with Bell Pottinger's white monopoly capital campaign. Serious. Political violence in KZN is becoming blatant, and Ray Phiri's memorial service was so emotional.
It is around irregular activities regarding contracts which were awarded to his step-daughter Koketso Choma.
They zeroed in on some of the nation's most sensitively placed staff.
Evidence of graft piling against multinational companies named in the Gupta emails might have more to answer to than just local laws.
It is alleged that the Guptas had a relationship with Zuma's staff, including his head of security.
Two more companies, based in Switzerland and China, have been added to the list of companies implicated in dodgy Transnet dealings linked to Gupta companies.