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Is what's being offered enough to rehabilitate the reputation of the media? When they have to make a profit and balance that against dong the "right thing" - is this not too much to ask? Is it a feasible proposal?
National newspaper editors said on Thursday evening that they will put in place the broad proposals of the Leveson Inquiry
The man who won libel damages after his arrest over the murder of a woman has penned a letter to MPs asking them to support
Hacked Off's online petition calling on the government to comply with the findings of the Leveson Inquiry has been signed
A key adviser to Lord Justice Leveson claims his last resort option for compulsory press reform would be illegal as it would
In the hypothetical future (somewhere in the distance on the other side of the rubicon and down the slippery slope) the stronger argument is surely that we would like to already have on our statute book a law that asserts the press's right to independence and free speech.
A petition calling for the UK's three main party leaders to bring in a new press watchdog backed by law has attracted more
Best-selling novelist JK Rowling said she was "alarmed and dismayed" at David Cameron's response to the Leveson report. The
On Thursday David Cameron achieved what Blair did with Iraq and Thatcher with the miner's strike: take the difficult, unpopular, but Prime Ministerial route. And if justice is done, he too will be rewarded.
Celebrity campaigners and victims of press intrusion, including Hugh Grant, Gerry McCann and Christopher Jefferies have been