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Phone hacking victims have reacted angrily after David Cameron said he had "serious concerns" about the proposal of a new
The Leveson report has finally been released, all 2,000 inscrutable pages recommending greater transparency of the media
In general, the public trust neither politicians nor journalists. It is this double distrust that informs the results of three Leveson-related surveys that YouGov has recently conducted.
The editor of The Times has been unusually busy recently. "I have been in and out of Westminster to discuss the likely outcome
Hoorah! Or rather: Aha! Alan Partridge has returned to our (internet) screens to proffer his opinion on the Leveson Inquiry
Shalit won a £2m payoff from Church following a bitter legal battle Church has been a vocal patron of the Hacked Off lobby
Almost a decade ago I happened to be in a situation whereby I became privy to information which raised a red flag both legally and morally. At the time I didn't realise the extent of its significance and stored it away as a tale perhaps to be recounted one day in my memoirs or a fictionalised account of my experiences of the media world. When the phone hacking scandal first raised its ugly head a few years ago I immediately had flashbacks to those events and alarms bells rang off as to their potential significance. But when the scandal seemed to blow over as quickly as it erupted I didn't give it much further thought.
Hugh Grant said the fight against phone hacking is a "job half done" and criticised some members of the culture committee
The "Hacked Off" Campaign - on behalf of the victims of phone hacking - is calling for a truly effective and urgent inquiry
We don't know how far phone hacking went beyond the News of the World. Evidence from the Information Commissioner's inquiry - What Price Privacy? - found that illegal methods of intrusion went beyond News International. Who else was involved in illegal methods of information gathering?