Almost a decade ago I happened to be in a situation whereby I became privy to information which raised a red flag both legally and morally. At the time I didn't realise the extent of its significance and stored it away as a tale perhaps to be recounted one day in my memoirs or a fictionalised account of my experiences of the media world. When the phone hacking scandal first raised its ugly head a few years ago I immediately had flashbacks to those events and alarms bells rang off as to their potential significance. But when the scandal seemed to blow over as quickly as it erupted I didn't give it much further thought.
A former BBC executive has called for the creation of a new independent press regulator with more substantial powers to investigate
Alastair Morgan lives on the top floor of a high-rise building in north London, shielded by a network of locks, lifts, intercoms
I have never owned John Lennon's tooth, and after the NME ran with that story it ended up on 245 different websites all over the world. As I said, it was a funny story, but not true!
The public inquiry into journalistic ethics sparked by the phone-hacking scandal will hear from the company at the heart
On Thursday the Metropolitan Police got back in touch regarding the News of the World hacking saga. The next stage for me is travelling to see them at the end of the week. So far all the information I've been told is the numbers found on the notebook of some 'journalist', and subsequently recognised as being mine, along with a postcode, which I also recognised as mine! One of the numbers was my old answerphone number, so let's see where this now goes - I can see this getting interesting...
With Murdoch back before the Media Select Committee today, let me share a few of my own thoughts on the evidence we've heard so far.
A man, reported to be Sun reporter Jamie Pyatt, has been arrested in connection with allegations of corruption, the latest
Beyond the headline grabbing revelations of phone hacking, this is the ethical rot that I urge you to consider Lord Leveson, because it undermines real journalism, it perverts social debate, it divides communities.
Labour needs to stop the back-biting and regain its confidence
The Official Secrets Act 1989 (OSA) might seem like a particularly good idea to particularly ardent viewers of BBC 1's "Spooks
The great tabloid scandal of 2011 throws up one last point of order: what was actually in the messages that were hacked? And how does it feel when your privacy is invaded?
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Four former News International executives will face a fresh round of questioning from MPs over the phone
Steve Coogan recalls clearly the moment he decided to sue the News of the World. "What motivated me was seeing Andy Coulson
PRESS ASSOCIATION - James Murdoch, the boss of News Corporation's UK arm, has refused to accept a six million US dollars
The former managing editor of the News of the World has been rearrested on suspicion of phone hacking and inappropriate payments
Ed Miliband's 'Hackgate' honeymoon is well and truly over, he needs to get a grip and fast, if he doesn't it will not just him but the entire Party that suffers.
The latest allegations to emerge from a letter by former royal reporter Clive Goodman on phone hacking at News of The World
James Murdoch may be recalled to parliament to give evidence on phone hacking, an MP has indicated, after new evidence was
Trade unions protect workers' labour in times of doubt and desperation. In the print-media, a union can offset the excessive