Come to London, where we have very few public toilets and even fewer shirts Cameron's official spokesman declined to comment
Britain is doing all it can to help people caught up in the Syrian uprising but will not send weapons to the rebels fighting
In two weeks the arms fair Farnborough is coming to the UK with its official welcome reception to be held in the Natural History Museum. Masquerading as an airshow, the fair will bring together 37 buyer countries including Algeria, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Libya.
Iranian warships have entered the Suez canal, via the Mediterranean sea, for the second time since the revolution of 1979
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Foreign Secretary William Hague has reportedly said he believes Britain could "get ahead" by loosening
Foreign Secretary William Hague has confirmed that the UK has re-established a diplomatic mission in Libya. The team, which
Goran Hadzic, the last major war crimes suspect from the Balkans war, has been arrested in Serbia. The 52-year-old, who faces