Halloween 2014

The best thing about Halloween is undoubtedly the fact that it gives us carte blanche to spend the day, evening, weekend or whole week (depending on your partner's enthusiasm for Halloween, of course), watching nothing but horror movies.
George Osborne is well recognised for ability to look scary, and some would say, rather evil. SEE ALSO: When Students Get
I don't like Halloween. I don't like Halloween because Halloween is not scary. I spend an inordinate amount of my time frightening, disturbing and creeping out your children. Figuring out ways to give your kids nightmares is sort of my thing.
A thick fog has descended over Food Tube HQ where some frightfully delicious recipes have risen from the shallow depths of the internet... Mwhahahahahahaha!
Halloween allows us to confront our long sheltered fears about death and darkness without putting ourselves in actual danger, enabling us to make fun of our most primal anxieties.
Halloween is a lot easier to cope with when you're a kid if your dad can make you a Lego minifig costume so good that it
The popular rapper Professor Green recently confessed to me that he thinks he might be a WEREWOLF!!... But first, with All Hallow's Eve this week, I thought there'd be no better time to sit down and think about my favourite monster.
I want to recount to you the creepy thing that happened to me last year. Some of you will remember it from the time. Others of you will be new to this. Either way, since that time a lot of information has come to light. I hope it will be of interest to you...
The question I should have asked my daughter was "What fancy dress would you like to wear?". What I actually asked was "Would you like to wear your Darth Vader costume?". Halloween week at pre-school was an opportunity to enlighten her peers that I couldn't let slip by.
As parents of young children, we find British Halloween a harrowing experience. We miss the way the evening is celebrated back home across the pond. Halloween in America is tacky and commercialised but at least it's generally frowned upon to dress youngsters in gory, menacing costumes.