Halloween Costumes

This is for all you girls (and guys) who think Halloween is a time to get naked. For those of you out there who trawl the
If you're looking for Halloween costume ideas this year then our round-up of celebrities dressed up in their favourite Halloween
Pumpkins, clever costumes and spooky pranks have had trick-or-treaters stuck to their screens this week. A cat with whiskers
From Beyonce's bumble bee, to Miranda Kerr's sexy circus ringmaster, we've had our fair share of impressive Halloween costumes
It's Halloween, the time when celebs put on their best 'scary' costumes and go out to champagne-fuelled parties, fully aware
What are you wearing for Halloween tonight? Something disturbingly slutty? Or some hideous celebrity-inspired gore? If you're
Somewhere between the Thriller video and Kitty Brucknell humping that dartboard, Halloween became the get-out-of-slutty-free card - a chance for nice, normal girls with a tasteful line in Uniqlo cardigans to crank their assets up to their chin and embrace their slaggy alter egos for a night.
We know this lady loves Halloween - but even we were shocked at the supe's 2011 Halloween transformation.
Got a Halloween bash this weekend and not quite got round to finding anything suitably spooky to wear? Never fear, MyDaily