Halloween Costumes

In 2013, a large department staff came under pressure to withdraw its "mental patient" costume for Halloween. As an apology for selling the costume, it did withdraw the costume from sale and also donated £25,000 to a mental health charity. You would have thought that would be the end of it, but far from it.
Three costume manufacturers have done additional testing.
Parents should look out for an additional safety label on kids’ Halloween costumes, which shows they have undergone further
Dressing up as a superhero or a monster is one of the great joys of growing up, especially at Halloween. For a parent, there are few things as fun as helping your child transform themselves into their favourite character. Whilst accessories and make-up can take you so far; the most important thing is a great costume.
Every year we promise ourselves we’ll finally make an effort for Halloween. But tradition dictates we will inevitably forget
Lingerie and costume brand Yandy.com has created a sexy Jon Snow costume - just in time for Halloween shopping.  The ‘Game
A photo that spread like wildfire online shows a young girl, dressed in a baggy sweat shirt and jogging bottoms, dark circles under her eyes, baby sick on her shoulder and looking thoroughly glum.