Iran has a chance to demonstrate its traditional position as a country content to live within its existing boundaries. And now that the distrust and antagonism raised over Libya has eased, the U.N. Security Council is at long last working together.
For several weeks in February 1982, Assad's forces crushed a revolt lead by a splinter group of the Muslim Brotherhood. In twenty one days the regime killed an estimated 40, 000 lives. Raphaёl Lefèvre's Ashes of Hama tries to understand its significance and suggests that the current uprising must be viewed through the prism of this massacre.
The situation in Syria resembles Bosnia in the 1990s, Foreign Secretary William Hague said, warning that time was running
Syrian army troops have killed at least 17 people in the southern town of Deraa, among them women and children, activists
Kofi Annan spoke frankly at the New York meeting, at which 193 states were present Annan urged the UN to unite behind efforts
Foreign Secretary William Hague has warned that Syria is "clearly on the edge" of a descent into deeper violence following
UN monitors in Syria are being shot at with small arms and blocked from entering villages in Hama province where a reported
Prime Minister David Cameron has condemned reports of a "brutal and sickening" massacre of civilians in Syria and called
Syria is not complying with a crucial ceasefire plan, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has admitted. The peace plan, coordinated
Alleged video footage of a Syrian activist being buried alive for supplying video clips to newspapers has surfaced online