'He's not done anything like this before.'
Ryanair has released a list of the almost 18,000 flights it has cancelled after it announced it would be temporarily suspending
Around 160 police officers have been injured during violent anti-capitalist protests in Hamburg as some of the world’s most
This is not the time to let Britain off the hook entirely. Actually, it never would be. We are too close and there are too many bushfires raging in this world, be it across the pond in America or in so many other places - think Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Kenya etc. etc.
If you visit Hamburg at any time of year, the Rathaus is going to be on your list of must-see places, so why should Christmas time be any different, especially as now the square in front of the City Hall houses the Historischer Weihnachtsmarkt; the Historic Christmas Market to us Anglophones.
Music is a cornerstone of all of our lives, whether it's a song playing on the radio during the morning drive to work, an intimate gig with 100 people on the top floor of a pub, or a festival in a muddy field at the height of summer.
Despite the country's rich and gripping, war-torn history, none of Deutschland's cities have tended to have the iconic draw of the real urban heavyweights - Paris's picturebook charm, London's vibrant swing, or Rome's devastating beauty.
As you do, when your celebrating Hamburg harbour's 825th birthday. The crew of the MSC Magnifica: we salute you.
Borussia Dortmund coach Jürgen Klopp said their embarrassing 3-0 defeat at Hamburg was "brought upon by ourselves", but Hakan
One week ago yesterday we started our tour across Germany with Ryan Sheridan and his band. The time has gone so fast, and there are still two full weeks to go. The highlight of the tour so far has to be the two days we spent in Osnabrück.
As we enter the Advent period, Christmas markets are opening across Germany. A trip to Hamburg, in the north of the country, gave me a chance to learn that most of the city's 13 markets have a traditional feel but there's one in particular with a cheeky twist.
For many, Autumn in Germany means Oktoberfest: Munich's 16-day celebration of beer, welcoming over six million visitors each year. However, Germany has much more to offer than beer, pretzels, lederhosen and dirndls.
Autumn is a great time of year for a holiday. The winter weather hasn't set in yet, and most European destinations are significantly cheaper than they are during the summer months. Whether you're looking for an affordable weekend break this autumn, or a long autumn holiday that won't cost you an arm and a leg, why not visit one of these charming and affordable cities?
The gallery is located within one of the Deichtorhallen, an easy ten minute stroll from Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, the city's central station. It's one of several galleries and museums concentrated in an area that's known locally as "the art mile".
Researchers have made a material which is so light it's 99.99% air. Aerographite takes the title of 'lightest material in
What is it about Germany that makes it so good at producing cute bears? Everyone remembers polar bear Knut's loveable beginning