The play is framed around the five stages of drowning, which are described to us in forensic detail as each new act begins. Inside each act, inside Ophelia's room, we gradually see her fighting back against a life in which women are supposed to be grateful when they are lovebombed by sociopaths.
A top theatre company is to put on a performance of Hamlet in the Calais refugee camp known as the Jungle. Shakespeare’s
Benedict Cumberbatch turned the air at London’s Barbican Theatre blue following a performance of ‘Hamlet’ earlier this week
Benedict's Hamlet is sarcastic, mean, aloof to his girlfriend and vicious to his mother. He also hams up the supposed mental illness for all its worth, causing much laughter in the auditorium as his Hamlet mocks himself up as a toy soldier brought to life just to confuse and baffle those around him.
Just up the road from Helsingor is Hornbaek where Denmark's young and beautiful take summer houses and look like something out of a Ralph Lauren ad on the beach. Not a tattoo or anyone who needed to miss a meal or two in site.
Fans gathered outside the Barbican Centre The actor previously stated he wouldn't be signing autographs outside the theatre
What true lover of theatre can condemn the newspapers? How thrilling and marvellous that theatre can make headlines! A 400-year-old play and a piece of new writing both received attention out of proportion to their newsworthyness.
Benedict Cumberbatch has appealed for people to stop filming and photographing during his production of Hamlet. Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch’s first preview performance of ‘Hamlet’ has caused controversy after a spate of reviews were published
This breach of protocol matters because it can make it even harder for theatres to take chances; harder for new writers, new actors, new directors to come into the art form; to work outside of the mainstream. It makes it harder for established writers; actors; directors to try something new, do something new.