Remember the good old days when Fireworks Night lasted for just two or three nights? Nowadays it seems to last from mid-October until way past New Year's Eve, with fireworks of all shapes and sizes, colours and noises, readily available on most street corners.
Typical. You wait ages for one 'Pet Doing Something In An Unorthodox Manner' video - and then two come along at once. Yesterday
Well, we say it's his tiny house - but actually it's a doll's house. Where, according to his owner, Lily Mae Pinner, "he
This comes fresh from the stable of those geniuses who brought us Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos and Tiny Hamster Eating
Hamster on the loose? George Osborne has the perfect advice, get them into your bath. The Chancellor gave out his home-spun
Flush with the success of adorably eating a tiny burrito, THAT hamster is back. Well, if it’s not him it’s an, er, similar
Well, it is almost Cinco de Mayo... Thank you, Hello Denizen, for episode one of 'Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos' - a
Meanwhile, in Japan (where else?!), a video demonstrating how to flatten a hamster - in a completely safe manner, of course
That's all. But that's enough, right? Watch and be amazed. And you thought you'd been greedy over Easter... SEE ALSO: Hamster
You can do it, (fat) little fella! You can do it! (Via Tastefully Offensive)