Hamzah Khan

One in ten children - more than 1.5million - suffers from neglect. It is the most prevalent form of child abuse and features in 60% of serious case reviews into the death or serious injury of a child... What I find mind-boggling, is the fact that as a nation we have no overarching, strategic plan in place to address the issue.
When asked to compile a guest list for a dream dinner party, precious few would add Education Secretary Michael Gove to the usual suspects of Ghandi, Jesus, Churchill, John Lennon et al; yet in Westminster political circles Gove is a shrewd and much respected political figure, a Svengali for New Tories and a man mooted as a future leader.
It's absolutely right that the national media crawl all over what happened to Hamzah Khan. Anyone who cares about children will be horrified by the detail of his suffering and will see clearly many moments when he might have been noticed. But it's not enough simply to cry that "lessons must be learned". We must ensure that they are.
The case of Amanda Hutton, who was jailed this week for allowing her four-year-old son Hamzah Khan to starve to death and who hid the body for two and a half years, is almost too horrifying to contemplate. But with 198,000 babies in the UK living in complex families with a history of substance abuse or mental illness this will not be the last case of its kind.
Amanda Hutton, an alcoholic mother of eight who starved her four-year-old son and left him "mummified" for nearly two years