hannah montana

The 28-year-old reflected on the highs and lows of making the show that made her a global star.
“The whole show’s premise was that when I had my normal hair and looked like myself, no one gave a s**t about me,” the singer said.
From Lizzie McGuire to Boy Meets World, what better time has there been to revisit some of your Disney Channel faves?
“I think that’s probably what’s a little bit wrong with me now,” the singer told CBS Sunday Morning.
I can understand why Miley wants to break away from her Disney image in much the same way that Britney & Christina did but there are more mature ways of progressing into adulthood than cavorting around looking cheap and nasty.
Miley Cyrus has announced her engagement to her beau Liam Hemsworth. The 19-year-old former Disney star confirmed the happy
Hannah Montana, the show that made Miley Cyrus a global superstar, ended a year ago - isn't it time that people moved on and stopped treating Miley's ascent into adulthood as something shocking and filthy when it is in fact as normal as baked beans