happiness day

Whether you're having a happy or a not-so-happy day, we hope we can enhance/rectify things with this round-up. From singing
When it comes to being happy in the moment, not worrying about the future and taking pleasure in simply existing, we could
I can be pretty cynical when it comes to marketing messages, but it feels like happiness is having a moment right now. We know that technically money can't buy happiness, but maybe we're actually beginning to really believe it. We see photos of the rich and famous sunbathing on their yachts, we speculate about how much industry leaders are being paid, and it just doesn't have the appeal it used to. As part of HuffPost's Third Metric movement, we're hearing stories from across the globe of individuals placing emphasis elsewhere in their lives. They're prioritising health and happiness over personal gain, and today, on the International Day of Happiness, we want to celebrate that.
87% of people would pick being happy over money, and the chief reason for happiness was their relationships with their friends and family. In other words: not money or what it can buy.