Eight out of 10 people, across town and country, support the ban on hunting. They recognise that chasing wild animals across the countryside before killing them for fun is barbaric and cruel, and has absolutely no place in modern Britain.
The League Against Cruel Sports' discovery of 16 fox cubs held captive in a dark barn, just 200m from a fox hunt's dog kennels, will be shocking to many - but those who have campaigned against hunting for decades will hardly be surprised. Saddened and upset, yes, but not surprised.
Let's look at British wildlife first. In addition to the badgers, recently we've seen the authorisation of the destruction of buzzard nests and eggs - another so called protected species - simply as they were interfering with pheasant shooting...
Reports of "mad March hares", chasing each other and boxing, is always a welcome sign that spring is not far away. But don't let the sight of these animals cavorting in fields fool you, the hare population has decreased by 80% over the last century and it's about time that they were afforded the protection they truly deserve.