Harvey Weinstein

'We need to shine a light on powerful men who were being hidden by the establishment'.
'Why should Meryl Streep speak out, but not, say, Tom Cruise?'
The public protector and minister of police are under fire and Telkom has cut its ties with KPMG.
Harvey Weinstein should be stripped of his honorary CBE, Labour MP Jess Phillips demanded on Monday after the under-fire
A number of female stars have hit back at calls for women in Hollywood to condemn Harvey Weinstein, asking why men too should
She said the women who have spoken out against him are "heroes."
Weinstein said to have made eight settlements with women over three decades.
The Weinstein Co has fired co-Chairman Harvey Weinstein following reports of sexual harassment allegations against the executive
The new revelation, which allegedly took place a decade ago, comes after an explosive New York Times report said Weinstein had previously settled eight sexual harassment claims.
The news comes after The New York Times published an article detailing allegations of sexual harassment against the producer.
Weinstein’s lawyer says the Times “ignored” facts ... but the movie mogul never denied allegations of sexual harassment.
I hope we can all continue to watch those incredible movies. The ones that Lina made. The ones that those great Italian directors - Vittorio De Sica, Fellini, Antonioni, and so many, many more made. When Sophia Loren calls, I hope the Academy will listen and honor a woman in her 80s that has the soul of a rebellious teenager. In a year that celebrates women, wouldn't it be wonderful to finally award the first female director ever nominated?
If I've learned anything from last month's failed Parliamentary vote, it is this - we all need to remember, myself included, it's not enough to start the conversation, but we need to follow through - and we will.
For studios, awards season is less about direct profit than it is a long-term exercise in branding. Awards help give the studio and actors a reputation for quality, allowing them to go on and sell bigger-budget films.
Harry Styles has already topped the music chart on a number of occasions with pop group One Direction, but it now looks like
The dawn of a New Year is a looking forward to what is to come and for reflection, a time for taking stock. There are two things we know will happen during 2014...
Feel like making a film that just might change the world? These people have. For the third year running, HuffPostUK is the
'One Chance' is in UK cinemas from Friday. 2009/2011/2012: Brit Awards presenter First sharing hosting duties with Matthew