It’s a new year and in (what is fast becoming) an annual tradition, Monopoly have announced they will yet again be reinventing the classic board game.
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Hasbro has finally realised that for all these years it has been underserving one key group of fans when it came to their
Transformers: Age of Extinction may well be pulling in the millions at the box office but thanks to a humble group of fans
Christmas is traditionally quite a gendered holiday, especially when it comes to children. Here are some lovely dolls to buy for the girls in your life, and some toy dinosaurs for the boys. And don't forget about the miniature cooking utensils and vacuum cleaners - learning how to keep house is, of course, all girls really want and need.
Toy company Hasbro has had its fair share of toddlers with 'tude throwing their sexist toys out of the pram this year. It
A 13-year-old girl has brought a toy giant to its knees in a battle encompassing play ovens, sexism and kiddies' Christmas
Tis fast approaching the season for rampant consumerism and the purchase of more dollies and toy cars than one home can possibly