It is more than just a shared status: not so much a ripple of change but a seismic shift. There is a crack in the fault line. The #MeToo will continue to pour like rain on to charred ground that has been left untended, but has not lost its life-giving potential.
Have you forgotten BlackBerry advertising #rimjobs? Or the good people of Chester literary festival inviting us all to join their #clitfest? Surely you remember #susanalbumparty? There are numerous examples of company marketing and PR departments failing to think clearly about the hashtags they're using and condemning themselves to internet notoriety.
Not the symbol, but the use of the character to join a conversation on social media.
The reason Dawkins describes it as a hijack is because internet memes make no attempt at the accuracy of copying. It's a a key part of his definition and Internet memes are deliberately altered.
Back then, it was mostly known by Americanism, the 'pound sign' - one that you may remember from many automated recorded phone messages "end by pushing the pound key".
More than 1.2 million posts have been scheduled through HopperHQ to date - that means we have a lot of data at our fingertips! We thought it would be helpful to analyse this data to find out just what makes the perfect Instagram post. When we say perfect, we mean it terms of getting the most engagement through likes and comments.
As a millennial, the reality of reaching what we consider to be adulthood feels a world away from what was promised. We believed that working hard, educating ourselves and managing our money would lead to success.
"This shows exactly why we need to have more grammar schools."
"Short-fingered vulgarian" is a tried and tested classic.