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While there's no doubting the importance of local print media, social media is making its way into a position of more influence locally and brands need to be ready to adapt as competition for consumer time intensifies. The data shows that producing content which can be tailored for local audiences has a better chance of building trust in a brand.
One Young World is the high-profile annual summit for young global leaders, dubbed the "junior Davos" by CNN after the World
Clearly there is a balance and consumers are not going to jump on any bandwagon that arrives, there's got to be a benefit for them and a platform to have their say. Yet, this point is important because empowering consumers means they are more likely to be fair in return (trolls not withstanding).
Generation Y's entrepreneurs have received well-deserved publicity of late, most notably Nick D'Aloisio's sale of Internet start-up Summly to Yahoo! And HuffPo has led the way in showcasing the full breadth of Gen Y talent from the catwalk to the kitchen. But there's another place where Gen Y leaders are also starting to make a big impact: the corporate boardroom.