Having A Baby

My instinct tells me that if I want a baby it will come naturally or if it doesn't maybe it is not meant to be. Others have a different vibe about the whole thing and are comfortable with fertility treatment, IVF or other procedures. But for me and for many of my friends the cost was getting too high. It made me sick, frustrated, anxious and most of all I lost me.
I'm finally fully embracing the idea but very soon I turn 39. All through my thirties I thought I was bobbing along fancy-free and young at heart. Now the reality has hit that I'm one step away from 40. Cue sirens and red flashing lights.
What really winds me up is the smugness of mothers who give birth naturally and seem to think if you have had a C-section you somehow opted out. It's not the case. I don't believe anyone would rather have an extra five days in hospital and be sliced open.
Almost half of thirtysomething women would prefer to get on the property ladder than have a baby, according to a poll of