'Happy, sweet girl' killed by dog A four-year-old mauled to death by a pet dog has been described by neighbours as a happy
MILIBAND IN CHALLENGE TO COALITION Ed Miliband is to step up his attack on David Cameron over living standards, accusing
JURY TO HEAR MORE ABOUT HACKING Jurors in the trial of former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks and ex-spin
It has been fashionable from the time of Darwin, indeed almost beyond question, to hold that evolution is based on survival of the fittest. But what this latest study demonstrates is that the fittest among us are likely to be those who are the most adaptable, considerate and cooperative.
We need to resist our innate desire to blame and to hate. It's not how we got to here that matters; it's what we're going to do about it now that we are.
We've tasked our Government, banks and businesses to do what they can to resolve this financial situation. I think we should extend this challenge to the media; after all we allow them in to our homes every day and give them the power to become a persuasive force in what we believe.
The papers again focus on the latest developments on phone hacking, including the decision by Rupert and James Murdoch to
Most of the papers take the obvious (and sensible) route by splashing with the announcement by News Corp and Rupert Murdoch