Yesterday you were shy, bereaved, apathetic, eccentric. Today you are mentally ill. But don't worry. Nothing has changed
What do prayer, unconditional love, forgiveness, life's meaning and purpose, and spiritual practice have in common? They
Whether laughter is the best medicine or not evidence certainly suggests it can lend a decidedly helpful hand when managing
Isn't it so strange how any sane person can be brought to their knees being crippled by heartbreak? It doesn't matter how strong or logical you are, it seems that when the heart experiences heartache, we all seem to respond in one way, that is - totally.
How powerful is not caring about what people think of you?
I wake to find phone messages bombarding me with news of the recent riots and unrest in London. People all over the world
There are numerous aspects of the religion I was brought up in which annoy and even anger me. Perhaps the most undesirable
Many people think that being a Psychic and seeing the future would be a piece of cake making life a breeze.
Whenever human beings gather to celebrate, food and drink is there - wetting babies' heads, birthday cakes, parties, the Christmas dinner, the wedding breakfast. But it's also there at the more wan and sorrowful times, often in a quieter, more humbler guise; it has a part to play in healing the sick, and eventually, in the final commemoration of our lives.