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I hear quite a lot of people say they would like to reduce or cut out carbohydrate from their diet or they are starting one of those carb-free fad diets to lose weight. When I ask why, the common answer is that carbs are not good for you because they make you fat.
An asthma patient can, for example, use a Bluetooth Smart peak flow meter which collects data on the patient's condition. This data is then transmitted to a Bluetooth Smart Ready smartphone and then in turn can be shared via the cloud to the patient's doctor, family or carers
So everything has been running smoothly over the past 5 weeks in my body sculpting quest. I've been to the gym at regular times, my eating has been tweaked over the weeks as I learn more about the importance of nutrition, and I felt like I was really getting somewhere.
Obese children have a less sensitive sense of taste than children of normal weight, researchers have claimed. When tested
As the London Olympics close no one is doubting they have been a huge success. Team GB have finished an unprecedented third in the medals table, fantastic crowds have turned up to watch, huge television viewing figures have been attracted and people young and old have been inspired to somehow get involved.
A little while later, breakfast digested, I was jogging along the wide promenade that runs the entire length of the beach
Celebrities' erratic behaviour and lifestyle attract more media attention than clean-living personalities who also happen