Health Food

Not that long ago, the only choice when it came to nut butters was smooth or crunchy peanut butter. Now the preserves shelves in health food shops are offering a choice of almond, cashew and brazil alternatives - but what are the health benefits?
Hummus has been in the news this week with claims that it has more salt than four bags of crisps. I read the whole article and felt that it wasn't a fair like for like comparison, so I decided to share my own research with you on plain hummus vs ready salted crisps*. I will also cover the reasons why crisps tick all the boxes when it comes to snacking and what else you can try instead!
The health and fitness industry is quite frankly full of crap. There are so many nonsense nutrition myths out there that are so engrained in our beliefs that most people don't question them. I am here to bust through the bullsh*t.
If you've spent any great deal of time on Facebook lately, you will have seen a growing number of short, colourful recipe videos from the likes of Tastemade and BuzzFeed's Tasty. Rarely longer than 90 seconds, these clips have a hypnotic quality which has captured the attention of millions - and set their mouths watering.
You're probably familiar with the health halo effect: that's when you think a food is healthy simply because it has a reputation for being so. It's the reason why (like most of us) it may have taken you years to realise that cornflakes and diet coke aren't healthy options. But you're older and wiser now, and there's no way you'll fall for fake health foods again right?
You know that oh-so-tasty avocado toast you love so much? Well, Ray the cat ain't got time for that. Yeah, you heard. And
You might be surprised to hear that chlorella is not some distant relative of Cinderella. In fact, it's a type of algae which
When it comes to your skin, the phrase "you are what you eat" couldn't be more true. With that in mind, it'll come as no
While there are some foods we should all be eating more of, men and women also have their own set of dietary requirements as well as their own unique health concerns. Here are 10 foods that women should eat...
Definitively these are my selections if you want to live a long and illness-free life.