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Trans activists, educators and health professionals on how you can be an ally to the trans community. Five easy steps from The University of Hong Kong lecturer Brenda Alegre PHD, performer Brandy X, personal trainer Cairo Nevitt and NHS Sexual health specialist nurse Neil Baulita.
Healthcare workers have already suffered a "year of hell", one staff nurse says, as unions warn of industrial action.
Research in Cambridge also found a single dose cuts the number of asymptomatic infections.
NAO watchdog finds £720m of public money was blown on staff who had “little to do”.
The pandemic has shown that it is possible to adapt our working practices to ensure staff can be productive yet safe, writes Dr Ellen Welch.
Former healthcare worker Ian Jones is intensive care after being bitten by the snake in north west India.
Nurses were excluded from the wage increase for around 900,000 public sector workers announced in July.
Asian American health care workers on the coronavirus front line say they're "revered, but also paradoxically feared.”
A further 631 deaths have been confirmed in England, Scotland and Wales. Here's the latest.
The UK will hold a minute of silence to honour key workers who have died and the government is also offering £60,000 to families of healthcare workers who lost their lives, a move that comes as calls for a public inquiry into the shortage of personal protective equipment mounts. President Trump said he takes no responsibility for the misuse of disinfectants since he suggested they could help fight coronavirus, multiple cities in the US have reported a spike in calls to poison control centres. The World Health Organization (WHO) says the pandemic is “far from over” as concerns grow over rising cases in Africa, Latin America, Easten Europe and parts of Asia. In some positive news a laboratory at Oxford University is taking the lead in a global race for a vaccine saying the first dose could be ready as early as September. And a former professional rugby player who is quadriplegic scaled the equivalent height of Mount Everest - on his parents stairs. Ed Jackson raised over $50,000 for Britain’s National Health Service by climbing 5,566 flights of stairs in four days.