Health promotion

Today's, it's less HIV and more HIV-related stigma that's the killer. Stigma brings people to my clinic who have been living with HIV for too long before diagnosis. And they haven't been diagnosed because they are scared, ignorant or isolated.
I've been working in men's health, mental health and suicide prevention, for quite a while now and there is a tendency to try and 'fix and change' people (particularly men) to be 'better versions of themselves'. All in the spirit of healthier lives, etc., etc.
According to the Mail on Sunday, a growing number of schools are now demanding that parents of children unfit to participate
Page 3 is not about breast cancer awareness, it is soft-pornography, and the evidence would suggest that it has no place either in body confidence or in health promotion.
It is a very scary statistic that in the UK there are over 25,000 people infected with HIV unaware they are infected. We must prioritise diagnosing them, especially as HIV can be symptomless for many years. So regular blood testing is often not just our best, but our only tool in controlling the spread of HIV.
New heart statistics published this week are a welcome reminder of how far we've come in the past decade. Between 2002 and 2010, the proportion of people in the UK who die from a heart attack each year has more than halved.