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There's a growing group of people embracing the quitting lifestyle. These are the determined, disciplined ones who eat willpower for breakfast and don't even know what the word "temptation" means.
If you've ever stumbled across an article on Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova you've probably seen the model wearing heavy
If you're a woman looking to tone your arms, then a weights or upper body exercise workout could be for you. Targeting your biceps, triceps and shoulders will not only give you the sexy toned arms you desire, but develop upper body strength that will make daily tasks easier.
The basis of the experiment proved addictive qualities of certain foods by how long rats who had enjoyed Oreos on a particular side of a maze spent on that same side when Oreos weren't there, waiting for them to be 'delivered' to the ground that they (the rats) were familiar with finding the cookies-concluding that Oreos are at least as addictive as cocaine.
A year ago I went along to a three day re-educational seminar called Turning Point, delivered by best selling author and international speaker Dr Rohan Weerasinghe. I was blissfully unaware at the time that my life was about to change for good.
Even though there are hundreds of effective meditation techniques, I would like to introduce you to a simple meditation technique called "Breathing Meditation." It's easy to do anywhere, anytime and it only take 5 minutes! A small investment for your own peace and well-being.
No civilized society would tolerate a parent giving its child drugs or cigarettes or alcohol so really what's the difference? However, like drugs every mouthful of this synthetic rubbish people are fooled into thinking is food, contains a handful of chemicals that are at best going to raise 'bad' cholesterol levels, increase diabetes risk, lower immunity, and damage DNA.
Each morning I walk myself into a state of well-being and away from my worries. I walk myself into new ideas, creative solutions and immense gratitude for what I have. With each step I feel empowered. But why is my gratitude walk so powerful?
Fat helps our bodies to function and it can keep us healthy, yet too much fat can cause serious health problems. To make sure your body doesn't store too much fat use these five ways to burn fat and shape up.
From a slightly flabby tummy to undefined arms, there tends to be one area of our bodies even the fittest of us dislike. This article will show you how to get your best body ever.