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Ana's Thought: "My Art is born of endless Passion for the Beauty of Life." As Valentine's Day approaches, people across the
Most clients come to me with questions about the person they are with, whether or not they are the 'one', or if it will 'last
Health care reform - just three simple words.
Don't leave stress unchecked, breathe deeply and ask for help, you will be amazed how quickly this will change your day to day feeling.
I'd like to point out to my mum, future employers or yoga students that I haven't ever smoked crack. However, I understand it's the most addictive drug on the planet. While everyone bleats on about yoga being good for you, I'd like to admit I struggle to keep my yoga habit under control.
Many people think that being a Psychic and seeing the future would be a piece of cake making life a breeze.