heathrow third runway

It is really disappointing that the debate about aviation capacity in the South East has become about Boris Island versus an additional runway at Heathrow. The issues about the provision of capacity and how best to deliver it generate many more options. This is a debate which needs to be conducted in the interests of Great Britain PLC. Sadly it seems to be more influenced by those who live under the Heathrow flightpath and those who are so scared of airport expansion anywhere near their own backyard they somehow think that plonking an airport in the middle of the Thames Estuary is the magic solution.
It's all very well him trying to cycle to work again to show his green credentials - but if you look closely, you can just
David Cameron has refused to rule out a U-turn on blocking a third runway at Heathrow airport, in the strongest indication
The Lib Dems are claiming that it would be impossible to build the "Boris Island" airport in the Thames estuary because of