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Having opted out of social media because of death threats, I've encountered the dark misogyny that seeks to silence opinionated women. So I despaired when I saw this very real malaise being hijacked by prominent Labour MPs, including Heidi Alexander and Angela Eagle, to score points against a man they want to oust. Women in politics face many threats, Jeremy Corbyn isn't one of them.
The Blairite coup against Jeremy Corbyn has sorely misjudged the public mood. The economy is in free fall and the rampant racism unleashed by the Leave campaign makes the "No blacks, dogs and Irish" signs of the 60's seem welcoming. Vigilante bigots now roam our streets attacking "foreigners", issuing unofficial deportation orders demanding, "We want our country back".
Tories blame Labour for 'the flawed contracts we have now‎'.
The Government has accused Labour of "ill-informed political opportunism" for urging Jeremy Hunt to agree to trial the new
In the six months I have been Shadow Health Secretary I have seen the contribution EU membership brings to our NHS: support for our highly skilled workforce, world class facilities, access to the latest medical research and technologies, and the economic growth that comes from being part of the single market. Walk away from Europe and we put this at risk. This is not a risk we should be prepared to take.
'It's a wonder more women don't enter politics, eh?'
A senior Labour frontbencher has derided a double-page spread in the Daily Mail, which showcased 11 female MPs' cleavages
Whether it's an apology for his repeated misuse of statistics, or for implying that junior doctors don't work weekends, or even just for the unnecessary stress he has caused. That one word would go a long way towards repairing some of the damage that has been done over the last few months. And yet, for Jeremy Hunt, sorry seems to be the hardest word. Jeremy Hunt has two weeks before the next planned period of industrial action. That's two weeks for him to find a solution to this dispute that doesn't involve imposing a contract that the vast majority of junior doctors are opposed to. And while he is at it - an apology wouldn't go amiss too.
Jeremy Hunt’s decision to axe the student bursary for nurses could have a “disruptive” impact on hospital’s recruiting and
Labour's Heidi Alexander Shadow Health Secretary Heidi Alexander told HuffPost UK: “These emails appear to show officials