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Pregnant Helen Flanagan in Dubai And the 24-year-old couldn’t resist proudly rubbing her blossoming belly as she chatted
Helen Flanagan has confirmed she is pregnant with her first child. The former ‘Coronation Street’ star and footballer boyfriend
Outstanding Helen was enjoying a rare night away from her long-term boyfriend Scott Sinclair, who she revealed back in August
Helen Flanagan's love of wearing hair extensions looks to have taken its toll after the former 'Coronation Street' star was
Helen Flanagan has been busy showing off her acting abilities again - yes, she is a serious actress, remember - by um, starring
Watch out for waves, you two The couple were all smiles as they put their splashing about on hold to have a little beach
Helen Flanagan in a nurses uniform? Yep, we're pretty sure that's something that a lot of her admirers would like to see
She's no stranger to the selfie, but we can't help noticing something a little different about Helen Flanagan in her latest
It's the moment we've been waiting for people - Helen Flanagan has posed for her very first Instagram selfie WITH RED HAIR
Who said the life of a celebrity isn't always glamorous? Just look at Helen Flanagan stood in a wet car park, channeling