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‘Big Brother’ contestant Ashleigh Coyle might want to watch her back for the time being, as it seems her housemate Helen
‘Big Brother’ star Helen Wood has become one of the most unpopular contestants in ‘BB’ history due to her potty mouth and
‘Big Brother’ housemate Helen Wood has been censored by bosses, who think her x-rated chat and language is too much for TV
‘Big Brother’ has bid farewell to another contestant, with Toya Washington becoming the third housemate to be evicted from
Current 'BB' housemate Helen Wood could be in for a nasty surprise... Helen has proven unpopular with viewers thanks to her
‘Big Brother’ viewers were happy to see Helen Wood finally receive a “final warning” about her behaviour from show bosses
‘Big Brother’ contestant Helen Wood’s rival Jenny Thompson has revealed she’s going to make life really difficult for her
‘Big Brother’ producers are reportedly about to inject yet more drama into the already tense house, by chucking in a brand
‘Big Brother’ housemate Helen Wood seems to have kissed and made up with fellow contestant Jale Karaturp… but in last night’s
Helen Wood is warned about her behaviour in the Diary Room Emma Willis has now said she thinks Big Brother should have her
‘Big Brother’ housemate Helen Wood has been reprimanded by show bosses over her “unacceptable behaviour” towards fellow housemate
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