Helen Zille

Helen Zille says there will be anarchy when the taps run dry, and that normal policing will be inadequate. But is the DA's approach helpful?
Is it the mayor, the deputy mayor, the provincial premier, or the leader of the DA? Who exactly is spearheading this campaign?
"I did not blame them for getting it wrong. I said it is HARD to get right in conditions of climate change," said Zille.
"It is not about blame shifting," says department of water and sanitation over DA accusations that it failed to fulfil its mandate.
Mmusi Maimane takes political control of "our respective governments' responses to the situation" and assembles a #DefeatDayZero team on the water crisis.
"Save water as if your life depends on it. Because it does!" – Helen Zille
"The department has no money. Bankrupt. Worst audit outcome in the country -- billions on unauthorised, fruitless and wasteful expenditure."
The city's water use exceeded 600-million litres per day, despite major efforts, and will see Day Zero be implemented on April 21 to force Capetonians to save more water.
Unless everyone commits to using 50l per day – and most haven't – Cape Town's taps WILL run dry, says Western Cape premier.
The meeting is aimed at focusing on preparations for 'Day Zero'.